Thursday, February 7, 2013

What is Adsense & how to get approval

Google Adsense


Adsense is a Google monetizing program which allow publisher to monetize website/blog. It is world’s largest ad network. It is CPC (Cost per click) program. Adsense provide contextual ad suitable to websites content. Publishers get paid for a valid click on this aid. It is said that Google paid to publisher some cents to some dollars but it depend on the ad appear on you site. Different advertisers have different rate of price per click so every individual get paid according to the nature of ad and advertiser’s fixed rate per click. But, it is not easy to get approval quickly. Google is very strict about it, they have a strict program policy and content guideline. 

If you want to get advantage of earning money through Adsense, You have to read program policy and content guidelines and if your website/ blog meet to Adsense policy then apply. Here is some necessary rules which you must follow.

1.      Adsense have a content guideline: The website/ blog should have original and high quality content. There is no place for copied or duplicate content. So your website should have original and high quality content and your website also have a specific writing style.   

2.      If you are using any content like text, photograph, audio or video file from other website, you should have written permission of that particular website.

3.      If your website/ blog have sex or any adult material then this program is not for you. This is against Google Adsense program policy. In short, your site must not have any adult material.

4.      Your Website/blog must have good traffic and it should be at least 40% organic traffic. What is organic traffic? Organic traffic means traffic comes from search engine, especially from Google. If you have good organic traffic then you can apply for program. A website or blog must have at least 50 visits per day to qualify for this program.

5.      If you already have Adsense account, you can use it for up to 200 website and there is no need to ask to Adsense. You are familiar with program policy, if your new or other site satisfies it you can place Adsense ad. Adsense do not allow more than one account.

6.      If you are applying for Adsense then your website/ blog should have at least 6 months old and good traffic. Less than 6 months old website seldom get approval. If you are applying. You will get again and again disapproval E-mail.

So before applying for Adsense, You should visit Google Adsense and read program policy to shun from disapproval.

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