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Chitika Ad Network- Not ban for invalid click

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In today's web world, there are many Contextual ad network program but there is one big problem with almost all ad network. They ban website/ blog for any invalid click, click fraud or click manipulation activity whether it is fault of publisher or not. It may happens due to software fault or any technical problem. 

Many times, it happens unintentionally and accidentally. Some time  it may be  result of an activity of an  innocent child. But Ad Network does not understand it and hold this view that publisher has done it intentionally for earn more money, therefore they disable account or ban account without describing any cause. After that. there is no one to listen to you. With a mail, all effort and hard labor of publisher goes in vain.  

Google Adsense is great example of it. Adsense will disable your account without any details by sending an email, "Your account has been disabled". The probability to get disable on invalid click is less in Yahoo Bing Ad Network because their customer care unit is very strong and they provide a sells representative to each publisher to guide them but that is also not 100% safe. 

 But don't worry, today I let you know about an ad network known as Chitika.which do not ban at an invalid click. This is only ad network on web (in my knowledge) which does not ban or disable publisher's account on any invalid click or click manipulation. They understand publisher's point of view, therefore they do a simple work, just reduce that amount from publisher's total earning and continue service. Is it not amazing thing,"Isn't it?

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What is Chitika:

 Chitika ADNetwork

Chitika is one of the best CPC or Cost per click program that offers advertiser to advertise on their network and publisher to earn money by putting ad on their website/blog. They allow all size of publisher to monetize their website.  Chitika has three categories for publisher, gold, silver and bronze. Default approval category is silver. Once you approved you can switch to other category. Most attractive feature of Chitika is, it does not ban for fraud click or click manipulation. 

1.Chitika Gold:- Chitika encourages new publisher to go for gold account but there is some condition, if your website get approved, there is fair chance to double your income. Chitika ad does well itself but also help to generate additional revenue by putting alongside other ads or service.

2.Targeted Ad:- Chitika place very relevant ad on your website/ blog. They targeted your content and place relevant ad on website. Since it is your content which pulling visitor from search engine so there is great possibility to get click on ad. Chitika will pay the higher PPV (Pay Per View) or PPC (Pay Per Click) rate. That means more possibility to earn more money.

3.Term and Condition: Unlike other services, Chitika too have some program policy and content guideline. If you fulfill its demand, it is easy to get approval and starts to earn money. Some of the guideline is following:- Language of the website/blog must be English. Website or blog must not have excessive profanity, illicit drug, pornography, adult, mature content, gambling or casino related content, hacking or cracking content, alcoholic beverages, tobacco related products, hate, violence, racial intolerance, or advocate against any individual, group, or organization etc.

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 4. Higher PPC: It is one of the higher PPC (pay per click) ratios among the entire ad revenue sharing platform. It is also said that Chitika PPV (page per view) is also higher than other ad program.

5. Mode of Payment: It allows publisher to select their payment method. One of the best features of payment mode is that it support PayPal most accessible service. (which is absolutely free to open an account). Now a day, most of pehave PayPal account.

 6.Minimum payment limitation:  Another stunning feature of payment is that you can withdraw at least $10.  That means when you earn $10 you can withdraw.

7. No ban for invalid click: The best feature of Chitika ad newtowk: The biggest and worst problem of any ad revenue sharing network is “invalid click, click fraud or click manipulation. Once it happened intentionally or unintentionally your account would be banned or disable forever. Ad network should understand that no publisher would like to involve in such activity which close the source of money. But Chitika understands publisher problem. It understands it is not always your fault. Therefore, Chitika does not believe in banning publisher, they just remove illegal profit from publisher’s account – it a more logical, wiser and a better solution.

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