Saturday, February 23, 2013

Akshay's upcoming film Boss' song leaked

One song of Akshay Kumar’s upcoming film “Boss” has been leaked out by someone and put on a website. This incidence has upset Akshay, Prabhu Deva and entire team. The song is choreographed by Prabhu Deva on Akshay’s request. Who did this? Nobody knows. Prabhu Deva is very upset.

He said, "I don't know how it got out. The song that I shot with Akshay was not meant to be made public. Someone took a picture, we don't know who it is, and put it up. So much care is taken over the marketing of a product these days. To have such a big song being leaked out so randomly is very upsetting."


 Prabhu Deva is so irritated with this incidence that he decided to ban all cell phones on the sets of all the films that he will direct or choreograph.  He said further, "We have to safeguard our product. If it gets out, it is likely to be duplicated."

Now a day Prabhu Deva is not choreography any film as choreographer but he does it on friend’s request as Prabhu said, "I'll only choreograph if a friend asks me. When Akshay requested me to do a song in Boss, there was no question of saying no. Akshay is a fantastic human being and a terrific dancer. I had a ball shooting with him in Rowdy Rathore. We shot the song for three days at Film City and that's it. My work is done."


Prabhu Dheva added again, "I think he liked the movements I gave him in the ' Chinta Ta ' song in Rowdy Rathore . We share a great tuning. Like me, Akshay is only concerned with his work. He doesn't waste time on useless gossip. For Akshay Kumar...anytime!"

Indeed, this incident has made every producer to take proper care in film making so that nobody can duplicate it.

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