Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Akshay Kumar wants more "Olympic Gold"

Akshay Kumar wants more Olympic gold and he wants to do something more for it; Right now, he is giving financial support to some players but it is not enough so he made an appeal to corporate world to come forward and support and nurture those sports talent who come from poor family.

The super star said at the PC Excellence Entertainment Awards, “There is need to see beyond cricket”. “Cricket… I am just damn tired of it! I want something else coming out of this country. I just want it to happen. Support these families, their children are made of something which can get us gold medals at Olympics.”

“All the corporates, if they support four to five families and give them all the money they need, I think we can come up with gold medals,” he added.

Akshay further disclose that he himself supports three such families.

“I support three families whose children are eight to nine years old. I support them completely – their father, mother… everything, so that they can come up (in the sports field). The children are very interested in sports, so they can come up and become great sportspersons,” Akshay said here.

Akshay Kumar himself is a six grade black belt martial artist and he is promoting martial arts on small level. Before starting his career as an actor, he used to drive a martial art school in Mumbai. He also hosts an annual “Akshay Kumar Kudo Tournament”, a karate championship.

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