Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sajid Khan Claimed: Himmatwala would be Highest grosser film of Ajay Devgyn's career

Film director Sajid Khan is very confident about his upcoming film "Himmatwala" which is remake of Jitentra and Shri Devi starrer 80’s film "Himmatwala". He is so confident about his work that he made multiple claims.

His first claim is about grand entry of Ajay Devg;yn in film. He said, if people will not clap on Ajay’s entry, he will refund public’s money. His second claim is, "Himmatwala" will cross 100 crores’ benchmark on home box office and third claim is, it will emerged as highest grosser film of Ajay Devgyn’s career.

This is not first time when he made such claim. He does it before his every film’s release and so far, his all claim proved correct. In today’s date his success rate is 100%. All three films got hit. Whether, it was “Hey Babby”, “Housefull” or “Housefull-2”; all claim proved correct.

If we talk about his last film “Housefull-2”, he did same thing. He announced that his film will cross 100 crores’ benchmark and it would be highest grosser film of Akshay Kumar’s career and it happened in reality, House full 2 earned 114 crores on home box office and total gross worldwide collection crossed 200 crores. That time, it emerged as Akshay’s career’s highest grosser film. So, there is weight in his claim.

He is very confident about his work and it seem that he knows the nerve of audience. He knows what people want to see. So, if he made such claim then his film contains all those things which people want to see on silver screen whether critics do not appreciate it.

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