Saturday, March 3, 2012

World cup of Kabbadi (women's) and role of media!


The first women's world cup of Kabaddi has been started on 1st march in Patna at newly bult stadium "Patliputra sports complex Kankarbagh". First time in the history of Bihar any world level tournament is happening in Patna and the special thing is that it is not vanue of one or two matches on the contrary Patna is vanue of complete tournament. Sixteen teams are participating in the four days event.
Earlier in 1996 cricket world cup, one match between Shri Lanka and Zimbabe was happened here. Now it is second occasion. Usually people do not take interest in Kabbadi match but at Patna players are surprized and happy to see the interest of people.Stadium is completely packed with audience. Players from all kabaddi playing country are pleased with behabour of audience. This tournament is going on warmly.
Wherever there is matter of audience this world cup tournament is getting love of audience but on this occasion role of media is disappointing. No any national news channel is covering this event. The condition is so bad that they are not giving any news on their channel. The world cup event is happening in country but they are not taking care of it. Only the regional news channels are telecasting and giving news of this tournament. So that one can understand that how Kabbadi is neglected in her own home. Media is only taking interest in cricket match whether India wins or looses. They have no time to think about other game. They are talking about other games and discussing about condition of that game but do not have time to encourage these games. They are only blaming government for it. Its it not their duty to encourage other sports event and give place in their news buletine and do some coverage so that people can take interest and the game and players get their worth.

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